Time Square



Time Square is Africa’s second-largest casino and Pretoria’s biggest entertainment hub, offering uninterrupted gaming and world-class dining in Tshwane.

Time Square is a technologically advanced precinct, home to one of the continent’s biggest casinos, featuring exceptional culinary firsts and a deluxe business hotel, The Maslow.
At Time Square, the luxury is in the detail. From the moment you walk in, you are instantly captured by the essence of time with big clock displays to grand timepieces and architectural marvels. It is a place that keeps you prisoner of the present, allowing you to lose track of time and encourages you to fully live in the now. For a trip down memory lane, venture outside to the Time Plaza, the link between the Sun Arena, the casino and the hotel. This is where you’ll be struck by the radiance of a beautiful bold star that makes a bold statement; the Sun Star.
After 20 years of democracy, the Sun Star stands as a reminder of South Africa’s greatest story and a shining symbol of hope for the future.


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