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Gauteng Tourism broadly carries a dual mandate: on the one hand to position Gauteng as a globally desired destination through its marketing and promotion efforts and on the other, to manage Gauteng as a globally competitive destination through ensuring that it is a value – for – money destination and ensuring that it develops products that respond to tourist demands.

The progressively growing stature of tourism nationally and provincially as an agent for economic growth and development has resulted in the role of the Gauteng Tourism growing exponentially in a bid to create sustainable jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities. This in turn has seen the effort to formalise tourism as an economic sector with its specific accounting of economic contribution.

To this end, tourism is chief among the key industries and economic sectors identified to drive economic growth and creation of decent work through the Gauteng Employment Growth and Development Strategy (GEGDS), the National and Gauteng Tourism Sector Strategies and the New Growth Path (NGP), both of which have job creation as their focus. Inherent in the agency’s mandate is the role of positioning not only destination Gauteng but also Brand Gauteng as a globally desirable and competitive destination for investment and other purposes; a role that adds value to the functions of its sister agencies such as the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA), the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) and the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site (COH WHS) and Dinokeng Projects.

The agency also works in close collaboration with regional and local government structures to advance the positioning of Gauteng as a Global City Region (GCR) whilst seeking to achieve a joined-up government approach to harmonising tourism promotion and management in the province.

It also maintains strong ties with South African Tourism which leads the international marketing drive and generally aligns itself without deviation to the national tourism agenda, through among other means, active participation in all national structures that seek to advance the sector agenda. 

One of Gauteng Tourism’s foremost challenges is to sustain the province’s status as a leading destination for domestic and international tourists and a primary tourism revenue generator whilst cooperating with other provinces; particularly the ones with which it shares common borders.

This is consistent with the GEGDS that recognises Gauteng’s role as the country’s economic powerhouse to assist with the economic viability of other provinces and to reduce the degree of in-migration to Gauteng.

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