Gauteng Tourism Presents: #Digisym 2023 | A meeting of some of the best minds & innovators to discuss digital content & content marketing tourism industry.


In 2018, Gauteng Tourism in collaboration with tourism networking, blogger, and influencer organisations played host to Digital Symposium 2018 (#digisym2018).

Attended by tourism industry stakeholders, product owners, digital specialists, and influencers; the seminar provided a platform for these experts in digital content and marketing to share advice and insights. At the seminar, presentations discussed the current climate of the digital economy, with a key focus on destination marketing. The discussions also played attention to the digital economy’s requirements and what it would take to meet its future demands. Industry experts also brought their knowledge, insights gained, and shared various tools and resources that have helped them successfully navigate this ever-changing industry.

2023 GTA led DigiSym at Africa’s Travel Indaba (10 May 2023)

This year, Gauteng Tourism aims lead and host the third instalment of the digital symposium at Africa’s Travel Indaba in Durban. The seminar will comprise of various activation points that speak to the advancement of the digital economy with a key focus on destination marketing.

The primary objectives of this year’s #Digisym2023 are to:

  • Promote and position Gauteng Tourism as both a thought leader and champion in the digital tourism space.
  • Cement Gauteng Tourism as a leader in digital tourism.
  • Position Gauteng as the leading province in terms of digital destination marketing.
  • Allow local influencers and the travel trade to network in an environment of learning.
  • Motivate and educate the industry to market Gauteng better.

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