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The Vaal Wine Route



The Wine Route is perfect for wine connoisseurs, but also for those who are not confident regarding wines. It is a relaxed and pleasant well-priced outing, where one can learn to appreciate the wonderful wines South Africa boats – all in a welcoming environment. All of the venues will be selling wines at cost plus 10%, so Visitors can capitalize on getting wines you really enjoy at very good prices.

Gauteng’s most popular Wine Route discerns itself from all the other Wine Routes in South Africa, in that it has a record number of ways in which you can enjoy this winter wine feast. Be it by house boat, luxury cruiser, wine route taxi, speedboat, water-taxi or in your own car – the Vaal River Meander Wine Route has more ways to enjoy it than any other Wine Route in South Africa.

Mzansi Water Park (1)
Mzansi Theme Park
Accommodation La La Thai
Midrand Conference Centre
Views from Ponte
Ponte City Experience
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Die Blou Hond Theatre
Casa Toscana Lodge
Casa Toscana Lodge


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