Mzansi Theme Park



Mzansi Theme Park is Africa’s biggest, wettest & wildest water park. Offering world class water park entertainment and thrills under one roof. Featuring a variety of exciting slides: the famous Tsunami Wave pools, High Speed Slides, Amazon Splash Pools, Pirate Boat, Trumpet & Behemoth Bowl, Rainbow Slides and MORE!

Ticket prices as follows:

  • Kids from 3-10 years 1,4 meters and below and pensioners pay R200 online and at the entrance.
  • From 11-64 years above 1,4 meters pay R250 online and at the entrance

Tickets are available on our website – or at the entrance.


Kyalami Shisanyama
Mzansi Water Park (1)
Mzansi Theme Park
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Midrand Conference Centre
Views from Ponte
Ponte City Experience
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Die Blou Hond Theatre


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