Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary

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The Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary is located near Muckleneuk in Tshwane. The sanctuary is named after the famous South African ornithologist, J Austin Roberts, who was born in Pretoria (Tshwane) in 1883.

The 11.8ha bird sanctuary is part of the Walkerspruit Open Space System and has fantastic wetlands that attract a large number of bird species. There have been over 170 birds species recorded within the sanctuary, including the blue crane, grey-crowned crane, rock doves, speckled pigeons and the Egyptian goose. The sanctuary has a small bird hide from where you can observe and photograph birdlife in the wetlands.

At the entrance to the park there is a small centre where you can collect a map of the sanctuary. The Blue Crane Restaurant and tea garden overlooks the wetlands and is shaded by trees.

Guided tours may be booked a month in advance via the office at a nominal fee.



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