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Blue B walking tours (Graffiti walk)

This tour is designed to help guests understand the environment of Joburg, highlighting the Braamfontein are and how different spaces blend in and don’t become an orange cap sticking out in a green society.

Tour Type: Walking tour
Duration: 2 Hours
Slots: 1 From 10 am to 12 pm
Minimum age: 7-90 years
Guests:1 to 60
Group Rate: 12-19 participants (15% disc), 20+ participants (25% Disc).



Shisa Nyama Tour
The tour is a hop on hop off tour we cover the historical aspects of areas in one
occasion we go into a Museum or space that allow as Guests to learn about the area
before we get back to the chisa nyama experience- the break stops are vital they
allow guests to refresh their tongues and taste; to be able to distinguish between
all three locations, we also have some off the beat surprise spaces to visit while on
tour. This is a half day towards full day tour.
Price: R1250 per person 30% Discount from 6 Max (this price Applies to all the
Culinary food tours)

chisa nyama tour

Kota Beer &wine tour

In every spot we go to in all the Townships they will serve us at least 3 to four
different kinds of Kotas, in one Table all portions will be properly divide to experience
the difference tastes, we will mostly do nibbling so guest don’t get to overwhelmed
and full quickly because Kotas are very tasty and tempting; one can find themselves
finishing a whole chunk of Kota.
Tour ends off a nice Boujee restaurant where guests will have wine and any dish of
their choice as part of the culinary tour; the aim is to cross cultures and experience
all the tastes of food there is to get out there, after all the thrill of running around
and searching for the best Kota in town, meeting and interacting with different
people from the townships and understanding the Backgrounds of where each kota is
Crafted; guests can now get to sit down relax have a glass of wine and appreciate the
over all experience of the day.Tour times: half – full day tour
Tour Price: R 1350 per person , 30 % discount from 6 people.

kota beer & wine tour

lolo n Lee BMW M D4
This tour brings us a ground breaking experience that fuses office work and street culture, in the heart of a world class city. Guests are driven on a BMW on the whole tour as part of the tour package.

lolo n Lee BMW M D4

Maboneng Tour
Tour Type: Walking Tour
Tour duration: 2 Hours
3 Slots: From 10am to 12pm
From 1pm to 3pm
from 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Guests: 1 to 60
Age: 7-90 years
Price per person: R450

Group rate: 12-19 participants (15% disc), 20+ participants (25% disc)


Music Tour
The musical tour focus on live music, for visitors who are curious and willing to find out what the Joburg sound is, and who are the artists behind this sound. This tour takes you straight to the streets of Joburg, where you get to meet these unique individuals, who will share an authentic experience of music and the street art culture of Joburg.
Tour Type: Walking tour
Tour Duration: 2hours
Slots: from 10am to 14pm
from 15pm to 19pm.
Minimum age: 7-90 years
Guests:1 to 60 max
Price per person:R1450
Group rate:12-19 participants (15% disc) , 20+ participants (25% disc)


Off beat culinary tour
This tour literally takes you from one spot to the next from restaurant to street food culture to
culture. It is a beautiful walk from street to street, the tour also takes a Detour to a Juice shop that
specializes in Sugar cane and other fruit mixtures, juice is tailor made on the Spot.
The Culinary tour ends at the vocalist Chefs spot where they get to have a sit down and reflect on the
rest of the tour while the Vocalist Chef prepares 3 course meal.
Lunch is served by an Award winning Chef who’s known for her 3 coarse meal of
African dishes and a Contemporary Twist. Her Menu is also vast besides the above
Mentioned she can also tailor make dishes

Off beat culinary tour

2-Day Dinokeng Wildlife Escapade. Midrange Tour Package
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Father's day Braai
Dads Beer & Braai Garden -The Maslow, Sandton
Sporting Tour South Africa
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