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The Maboneng Township Arts Experience is a non profit destination development initiative. The organisation turns homes in townships into attractions and communities into creative districts. We train and upskill homeowners and families to create a warm intimate creative environment between townships, rural areas and cities; for locals and international visitors alike.

In the past 2 decades, Maboneng Township Arts Experience has created experiences in South African communities that have led a multitude of visitors from all over the world to these new centres of culture.

The name Maboneng is a Sesotho word for a place of lights. After being called Dark City because it had no electricity, Alexandra Township residents nicknamed their township to Alexandra Maboneng meaning Alexandra – A Place of Lights. A good fit to be the birth place of The Maboneng Township Arts Experience & its founder Siphiwe Ngwenya


Kyalami Shisanyama
Mzansi Water Park (1)
Mzansi Theme Park
Accommodation La La Thai
Midrand Conference Centre
Views from Ponte
Ponte City Experience
IMG_6501 (412 x 275)
Die Blou Hond Theatre


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