James Hall Museum of Transport

The James Hall Museum of Transport was founded in 1964 and houses an historic collection of various modes of land transport used in South Africa, dating back 400 years.

Situated in Rosettenville opposite the Rand Stadium in southern Johannesburg, the museum’s six main exhibition areas display vintage modes of transport ranging from animal-drawn carts, ox-wagons, carriages and early bicycles such as the Penny Farthing to more modern motorcycles, steam engine cars, trams, trolley buses, steam locomotives and the Zeederberg Mail Coach. The exhibits are arranged according to power input - animal power, steam power and pedal power. The majority of the displays are from the 20th Century and include classic sports cars that date back as far as the Edwardian period.

The example of a Voortrekker wagon, typically used during the Afrikaner Great Trek to Gauteng from the Cape Colony, is one of the most popular displays. Among other favourites are the horse-drawn mail carriage,the Cape cart (a two-wheeled four-seater carriage drawn by two horses) and the rickshaw.

Anyone interested in the history of transport in Johannesburg will be fascinated to see the city’s old electric trams, which were used in Johannesburg until 1961, as well as the horse-drawn trams that were initially used before the introduction of the electric version.


Entrance is free but donations are appreciated

Visiting hours


  • Tuesday to Friday: 9am to 4.30pm
  • Saturday to Sunday 9am to 4.30pm(closed between 12pm and 1pm)
Permanent exhibit at the James Hall Museum of Transport in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Photo courtesy <a href='http://www.flickr.com/photos/aec_rt/4750026004/'>AEC RT</a>

Permanent exhibit at the James Hall Museum of Transport in Johannesburg, Gauteng. Photo courtesy AEC RT


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