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Johannesburg and Gauteng traffic may not be quite as overwhelming as that of Mumbai or Cairo, but it’s still one of our worst thieves of time. Get your precious hours and minutes back by using quick, efficient transport to whisk you between business meetings and destinations – by taking to the air with Fly South Africa Wise (FlySAWise).

In 2009, local businessman Wiseman M Ntombela came up with the concept of FlySAWise, an affordable and accessible helicopter charter company that services not only South Africa, but neighbouring countries too.

Now you can make the most of your time on any occasion, whether it’s a long-distance international flight to a neighbouring country, a short hop between business meetings, a day or weekend trip to a leisure destination, or a simple air transfer.

In Gauteng you can fly over the whole province and get a bird’s-eye view or take a shorter trip and spot some of the iconic landmarks and historical places from your comfortable seat with its excellent viewing capabilities.

What about a flip over Soweto with three friends or business colleagues? Or a flight that combines Soweto, Johannesburg and Pretoria?

Maybe you want to check out Sun City for a day, fly over the Magaliesberg mountains – some of the oldest mountains in the world – or visit the Cradle of Humankind with its award-winning visitor centre, Maropeng, where the ancestors of modern humans lived and roamed. They are all just a short, memorable, chopper ride away.

FlySAWise prides itself on its strict safety policies and standards, with maintenance carried out by highly qualified engineers, and with only top-notch pilots ferrying you around.

So think corporate events and meetings, day charters, scenic flips, lodge transfers, international flights, weddings and special events, and aerial photography.

FlySAWise is waiting for you.


Kyalami Shisanyama
Mzansi Water Park (1)
Mzansi Theme Park
Accommodation La La Thai
Midrand Conference Centre
Views from Ponte
Ponte City Experience
IMG_6501 (412 x 275)
Die Blou Hond Theatre


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