Travel hygiene: top three tips to remember when you’re on the move

South Africa has taken the first steps in its descent down the staircase of lockdown restrictions by moving to level 4. Although we are excited by the notion of life very gradually returning to something like normal, we are still expected to adhere to the regulations that govern movement (among other things).

Currently we cannot organise or attend mass gatherings, or undertake interprovincial trips without official permission. But for those short trips to the shops and to work, here are some travel hygiene tips to remember when you are on the move …

Keep your hands clean

Help protect those around you and limit the spread of Covid-19 by keeping your hands clean. Travel with a pocket-sized bottle of hand sanitiser or make use of public sanitiser dispensers at regular intervals. Make it a habit to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before you eat and after using the bathroom. Avoid unnecessary contact with surfaces and try not to touch your face often, as pathogens can penetrate your defences through the eyes, nose and mouth to invade your immune system.

Wear protective masks

You are now required to wear protective masks whenever you go out into public. Some masks are easy to make as there is very little to no sewing required, but if you can afford to get your hands on good face protection, it is recommended you acquire a three-layer cloth mask as it can create an excellent barrier for protection from viruses.

Practise physical distancing

Although some lockdown regulations have been relaxed, physical contact is still considered a high-level risk that could accelerate the spread of Covid-19. Which is why you must leave a distance of at least one metre between yourself and those around you when at your workplace or when you’re out shopping for essentials at the local store.

Be mindful of the lockdown curfew that prohibits leaving home from 8pm to 5am. Make use of delivery or pick-up services where possible to transport essentials. And try to stay home as much as possible – and stay safe.

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