Tourism policy

Johannesburg City Skyline at sunset.

The South African Cabinet has identified tourism as one of the top five priority areas for the promotion of economic development and job creation. This involves partnerships with a range of institutions in the development of policies and strategies to guide tourism in the country:

  • The Department of Tourism is responsible for national tourism policy, regulation and development. The department has undertaken a number of measures to ensure the transformation of and black economic empowerment (BEE) in the South African tourism industry
  • South African Tourism (SAT) is responsible for the international marketing of South Africa, and for information management in consultation with provincial tourism organisations. SAT is run in consultation with the government and the private sector
  • Trade and Investment South Africa is responsible for developing an implementable tourism investment promotion strategy and other partnerships. These include joint ventures with the private sector, and research with the Development Bank of Southern Africa and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research to determine priority areas needing infrastructure development and tourism investment to complement the core market segments of the Tourism Growth Strategy

Visit the Department of Tourism, South African Tourism and DTI  for further information.

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