Unwind and Indulge: Top Black Friday Spa Deals in Gauteng for 2023

Black Friday Spa Deals in Gauteng

Welcome to the season of indulgence and unbeatable black Friday Spa deals in Gauteng! As Black Friday approaches, Gauteng transforms into a haven for spa enthusiasts, offering a symphony of relaxation and luxury at prices that are simply too good to ignore. In this guide, we are diving into the most exquisite Black Friday spa deals in Gauteng that promise not just a momentary escape, but a journey into a world of serene bliss and pampering.

Black Friday Spa Deals in Gauteng for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Whether you are a devoted spa-goer or looking for that perfect rejuvenating experience, these Black Friday specials in Gauteng’s top spas are tailored to transport you into a realm of tranquillity and lavish care. So, get ready to unravel the ultimate relaxation secrets tucked away in the heart of Gauteng, and prepare to be mesmerized by offers that redefine the essence of spa indulgence.

Here are some of the notable Black Friday Spa Deals in Gauteng:

Black Friday Spa Deals in Gauteng

Bakwena Spa

Situated near Pretoria, Bakwena Spa is known for its picturesque setting and a range of treatments including body scrubs, facials, massages, and pedicures. They specialize in unique specials throughout the year, including holiday packages and monthly deals. For instance, a popular offer includes a full-hour massage with an express facial for only R400.

The spa also provides discounts for booking longer sessions or multiple services and offers special rates for couples. Moreover, they organize private events with catering options and regularly update exclusive deals and promotions on their social media channels and newsletters.

Black Friday at Bakwena Spa

Bakwena Spa is having a Black Friday voucher sale this November. As part of the Black Friday Spa deals in Gauteng, you can buy a full day or night spa for two for 2024 during Black Friday Month. For more information, visit the Black Friday offer page here.

Mowana Spa

Located in the tranquil bushveld gardens of the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, Sandton, Mowana Spa offers a variety of Black Friday Spa deals in Gauteng:

A retail product sale from 24 to 26 November with 40% off selected products in-store.

  • The African Skies Night Spa Pamper Journey voucher sale is available on 24 November for R950 per person (normally R1499), including a full body massage, a 2-course spa dinner, and additional treatment.
  • The Makoya Morning Retreat Half Day Pamper Journey and Savannah Afternoon Ritual Pamper Journey voucher sale for R899 per person (normally R1399), each including a full body massage, a 2-course meal (breakfast for the morning and lunch for the afternoon), and additional relaxation treatment.
  • The African Rejuvenation Full Day Pamper Journey voucher sale for R1299 per person (normally R1899), offering an extensive list of treatments including a full body massage, a choice of body polish or back pamper, a facial, and multiple relaxation massages.

The Black Friday sales have a limited number of vouchers, so visit Mowana Spa’s website here today.

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Each of these Black Friday Spa deals in Gauteng offers a unique opportunity to experience luxurious treatments at a fraction of their usual cost, making them ideal for those seeking a rejuvenating spa experience in Gauteng this Black Friday.

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