Sho’t Left : Travel Week – Reminder to Register


Now is the time for your establishment to get in on the action as Travelers hit the road again.
That’s why South African Tourism is bringing back Sho’t Left Travel Week, the annual tourism sale that offers
South Africans up to 50% off when they book in that week.

The Sho’t Left Travel Week platform, along with extensive marketing, tips and tools – will give you exposure to
Mzansi’s travellers, allowing your business to be seen and heard all over the country like never before.


All you need to do is join Sho’t Left Travel Week’s sale and offer discounts that will help take your business to the 
next level and beyond. Don’t let the opportunity to gain access to great benefits and valuable tools, pass you by.

Participating in Travel Week is easy and all you need to do is register and start loading your great deals.
Remember to provide discounts of up to 50%, travel deal dates to suit your business,
and flexibility that works for the traveller.  Remember, the higher your discount
the more consumers will book.

Let’s get South Africans travelling again. After all, It’s your country.
Enjoy it, because nothing is more fun than a Sho’t Left!

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