Public Communique – Gauteng Tourism Call for Submission of Events Proposal (Events RFP)

13th June 2023

Warm and Fraternal Greetings from the Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA)

This communique serves as an update to all events organisers, organisations and individuals who submitted their proposals on the occasion of the GTA’s advertised Request For Proposals (RFP) for the 2003/24 Financial year which was issued on the 19th March 2023 and closed on the 10th April 2023.

The GTA as the official destination marketing agency for the Gauteng City Region, seeks to invest in the Townships, Informal Settlements and Hostels (TISH) events for immediate and long-term economic benefits as detailed in the Gauteng Provincial Government’s elevated priorities. The events (both business and leisure) envisaged must have a strong tourism & hospitality element inclusive of the other high-growth-sectors and rooted in community beneficiation covering the province’s hubs, economic nodes and TISH environment.

Prior to the closure of the RFP, the Gauteng Convention and Events Bureau conducted workshops in all the five regions of Gauteng to meet and engage with event organisers, and also shared information about the RFP. This was done to ensure that event organisers are aware of the advertised RFP, but also to take them through the GTA’s Supply Chain Management processes and provide further tips and guidelines on how to respond to the RFP effectively.

Following the closure of the RFP on the said date, we processed thousands of applications and that elaborate process included the separation of the applications or proposals into various categories as detailed in the application process. We have now concluded the multi-dimensional evaluation process and now into the last stage which includes final quality checks and approvals by all the governance structures.

We are planning to issue letters to successful proposals by the end of June 2023 and further through our multi-media channels publish the final process as required by the law. The GTA sincerely apologises for all the delays as we received more applications than we envisaged. We also had to ensure that, there is a strict categorisation in order for the TISH approach to find expression in the end product.

Issued by Gauteng Tourism Authority: Corporate Communications on behalf of the Office of the Chief Executive Officer.

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