Hey Neighbour Fest Safety and Etiquette Guide

Hey Neighbour Fest Safety

Greetings Neighbours,

As we gear up for the Hey Neighbour Festival, we are excited to create a vibrant community celebration. To ensure everyone has an epic time while keeping the vibes high, here is a comprehensive Hey Neighbour Fest safety guide outlining our festival rules, regulations, and important safety information. Your safety is our top priority, and we appreciate your cooperation in making this event unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Important Hey Neighbour Fest Safety Guidelines to Adhere to

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  1. Age Restriction:

  • No individuals under the age of 18 will be permitted access to Hey Neighbour.
  • If you appear youthful, bring a valid ID for age verification.
  • The right of admission applies, and entry will be denied without proper age validation.
  • Unfortunately, no refunds will be issued for denied entry due to age restrictions.
  1. Prohibited Items:

  • Do not attempt to bring prohibited items into the festival.
  • Prohibited item lists are in place for everyone’s safety.
  • Security personnel will rigorously enforce these regulations at the festival entrance.

Hey Neighbour Fest Safety

  1. Outside Food and Beverages:

  • No external food or beverages are allowed.
  • You may bring an empty water bottle for hydration.
  • Bags will be checked upon arrival, and water bottles must be empty.
  • Water stations will be available inside the festival for refills.
  1. Good Vibes Only:

  • Hey Neighbour is an all-inclusive festival promoting positive vibes.
  • Unruly behavior jeopardizing the safety of others will be addressed individually.
  • Such behavior may result in removal from the festival without ticket refunds.
  1. Safety and Security:

  • While security is onsite, personal responsibility is crucial.
  • Keep valuables secure; consider leaving unnecessary items at home.
  • Medical tents are conveniently located; seek assistance if needed.
  • Be neighbourly—assist anyone who may require help at the festival.
  1. Cooperation with Staff and Volunteers:

  • Festival staff and volunteers are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  • If asked to do something by staff or volunteers, please cooperate.
  • Your small acts of neighbourly kindness contribute to the overall festival experience.
  1. Hydration and Sun Safety:

  • Stay hydrated—water stations are available throughout the festival.
  • Protect yourself from the African December sun—wear sunscreen, shades, and hats.
  • Shade areas are provided for relaxation and comfort.
  1. Common Sense and Responsible Choices:

  • Exercise common sense and avoid unnecessary risks – always keep an eye on your valuables.
  • We are all neighbours and friends—let’s maintain a positive vibe and have a great time!
  1. Emergency Procedures:

  • In case of emergency, follow the instructions of onsite security and safety personnel.
  • They are here to direct and ensure your safety—please listen and cooperate.

Hey Neighbour Fest Safety

As we come together for Hey Neighbour, let’s embody the spirit of community and create lasting memories. Your cooperation with these guidelines ensures a safe and enjoyable festival for everyone.

  1. Cultural Sensitivity and Interaction:

  • Embrace diversity: Hey Neighbour is a melting pot of cultures. Be open to learning about and appreciating different people and cultures.
  • Respect personal space: Be mindful of others’ boundaries and personal space during performances and crowded areas.
  • Use appropriate language: Be aware of the impact of your words, and avoid language or behaviour that may be offensive to others.
  1. Environmental Responsibility and Safety:

  • Dispose of waste responsibly: Use designated bins for recycling and waste disposal. Let’s keep our festival grounds clean!
  • Reduce your carbon footprint: Consider carpooling, using public transport, or our Park & Ride services to minimize the festival’s impact on the environment.
  1. Parking and Road Use:

  • Utilise Park-and-ride services: Reduce traffic congestion, find stress-free parking, demonstrate responsible drinking, and contribute to a greener environment by using our park-and-ride options.
  • Follow traffic rules: If driving, obey speed limits and parking regulations. Be patient and courteous on the roads surrounding the festival venue.
  • Carpool or Uber where possible: Share rides with friends or fellow festivalgoers or use Uber to minimize the number of vehicles on the road.
  1. Respectful Participation and Conduct:

  • Mindful photography: Ask for consent before taking photos of others. Respect those who may not want their pictures taken.
  • Be conscious of your conduct: Enjoy the music, but be aware of your surroundings, and avoid violent and aggressive behaviour.
  • Respect performers and artists: Support and appreciate their craft without disrupting performances. Avoid climbing on stages or interfering with equipment.
  1. General Safety Tips:

  • Stay hydrated: Drink water regularly, especially in the African December sun. We provide water stations for your convenience.
  • Familiarize yourself with emergency exits and medical tents: Know the festival layout and locate emergency services to ensure quick response in case of any medical issues.
  • Look out for one another: If someone appears unwell or in need of assistance, lend a helping hand or direct them to medical services.

By collectively adhering to these tips, we create a positive, inclusive, and safe Hey Neighbour experience for everyone. Let us celebrate our diversity and shared love for music responsibly.

For more info about the festival and safety, download the Visit Gauteng app for a stress-free and easy festival experience!


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