Gauteng Tourism Authority’s Win at Meetings Africa: A Win for Sustainability

Gauteng Tourism Authority's Win at Meetings Africa: A win for Sustainability

08 March 2023: On this day: Exactly a week ago, Gauteng Tourism Authority won Silver in Large Stands at the Green Stands Awards for aligning with greening standards at the 17th Meetings Africa. The team led by Gauteng Tourism Authority GCEB Head Nonnie Kubeka is ecstatic with the win. This confirms the ongoing success created in supporting local businesses through the exhibition and in aligning with sustainability standards.

So, why did Gauteng Tourism Authority win this award?

The answer is simple. Maruapula Brand Director and stand designer and builder Kelebogile Makwala explains.

“Winning the Green Stands award drapes all corridors of our province with pride and a nudge of excellence. It is a significant indication that reflects distinction in the design and functionality of what represented the epicenter of business, in Gauteng – further personifying that Gauteng Means Business.

In the design, we followed all protocols and regulations that incapsulates the essence of Meetings Africa. The stand was designed with eco-friendliness, sustainability and efficiency in mind. The creative use of screens, displays and iPads promoted a sophisticated and modern take on communication. The layout promoted unit, engagement and a personal contact point with all things Gauteng. What resulted in a win was a collective effort of talented professionals who worked tirelessly and diligently in representing the gold in our province.”


As the Gauteng Tourism Authority continues in its mandate to developing out the 10 streams necessary to developing the provincial economy as a destination, this win confirms the collaborative and growth orientated approach to Growing Gauteng Together.

Coming up in our next post as we reflect on our successful Meetings Africa outcomes: Feedback from one of our exhibitors Touriso Travels to our executive. You will read what he thought of the participation at Meetings Africa.

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