Free Wi-Fi Spots in Johannesburg!


Sometimes productivity requires new scenery. And we all know that the creative work flows so much faster with a cup of strong coffee and a plate of delicious food. So, we’ve tracked some spots where you can work online, while getting some much needed sustenance. Here are some great spots with free WiFi in Joburg!

Mugg & Bean

Most of the Mugg & Bean branches have 30 minutes free WiFi. So catch up on your emails and online research, while you get some nutritional revival. For a major energy boost in your lunch hour, try the Decadent Latte. Made with peanut butter and topped with whipped cream, peanut brittle and drizzled with butter toffee sauce. It’s an indulgence, but a worthy one, especially after meeting that heavy deadline. Feeling the inspiration from that peanut butter? After the 30 minutes are up, ask your waiter about paid-for internet access.

Andiccio24 (Various branches)

Needing to catch up on some work in the dark hours of the morning or evening? Andicco24 has great pizza and awesome free WiFi. Order a drink or a delicious pizza and get unlimited free WiFi. Just ask the waiter for the daily password and you’re on your way.

Seattle Coffee (various branches)

Enjoy unrestricted WiFi access at Seattle while you enjoy a tall skinny latte. These venues have no power outlet access so you’ll need to leave home fully loaded.


Kauai offers free WiFi to customers when they order a smoothie, coffee or meal. Ask for the password and you’ll get unlimited WiFi at most of their branches in Jozi.


Believe it or not, Wimpy is a great place to work. The coffee is fab, the burgers are, well, Wimpy, but they fill a hole (and they will remind you of road trips with your folks, no doubt!) AND the WiFi is FREE. Just ask for the password and you’ll be sorted for hours.

Skoobs (Montecasino)

Visit Skoobs for a toasted sandwich or a delicious slice of cake while you tuck into their free onsite WiFi. There’s no better place to be inspired than in a room full of glorious books! While you’re there, check out some of their killer titles. Who can read a book on anything but paper, I wonder?


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