Go on then, eat up

A deliciously sweet pancake at Harrie's Pancakes in Cullinan

A deliciously sweet pancake at Harrie's Pancakes in Cullinan (Image: escapeforreason)

A walking tour of Cullinan’s famed Oak Avenue and its plethora of interesting stores, boutiques and gift shops is enough to work up a sizeable appetite sufficient to down an enormous burger. And you can, too, at Cullinan’s Oppistasie (“At the station”) restaurant.

In addition to its steampunk/Bohemian-chic set-up, the diner is also home to a whopping 18kg burger. The beefy behemoth is only available on pre-order. Annamarie Boshoff, Oppistasie owner, asks that guests call at least three days in advance to order this massive burger.

The burger has been consumed at local eat-a-thons and the record is 65 minutes and 23 seconds by six people, says Boshoff.

Built in 1902, the steakhouse restaurant is situated next to the train tracks, where it formerly functioned as the station ticket office.

As the eatery’s decor so boldly suggests, this is not an establishment for fine dining, but rather a place brimming with a vibey atmosphere, boisterous conversations and laughs, chilled drinks, and good old hunger-busting meals served on old-style coal shovels at prices that won’t burn a hole in your travel purse.

Sit at the indoor bar or along the platform as you tuck in to grills, pizzas and fries designed to satisfy the biggest of appetites

When you’re done, why not walk off your meal by stepping across the railway lines to Cullinan Junction. Here you can browse the many antique, retro and objets d’art stores, or pop in to the coffee shop and leave with a bag or two of fragrant artisanal beans. Other restaurants to try:

It doesn’t matter if you’re an eat-and-run visitor, or here for a few days to take in as many sights and sounds as you can, Cullinan’s old-world charm is sure to make for interesting dinner conversation years from now.