City Sightseeing and Sowetoo to Host Exclusive Stakeholder Engagement Event

October 23, 2023

City Sightseeing and Soweto, renowned leaders in the transportation and tourism industry, are pleased to announce an exclusive stakeholder engagement event scheduled for October 24th at the prestigious FNB Hall of Fame. This event marks a significant moment in our journey of transformation and growth, highlighting new routes, added bus stops, and our commitment to re-aligning lines of communication with stakeholders.

The stakeholder engagement event serves as a crucial milestone for City Sightseeing and Soweto. At the heart of this event is the unveiling of our exciting new route, representing an important expansion in our network. We look forward to sharing the details of this addition and how it will enhance our passengers’ experiences. Convenience and accessibility for our passengers are paramount. This event will introduce strategically placed new bus stops, further improving our services and ensuring that our passengers can connect seamlessly with our offerings.

Re-aligning effective communication with our stakeholders is a cornerstone of our success. We are committed to ensuring that all lines of communication are clear and open, and this event will provide the ideal platform to strengthen our relationships and resolve any misunderstandings. Our leadership team will provide a comprehensive presentation, offering insights into our new route, bus stop enhancements, and future strategies that will elevate the passenger experience.

Stakeholders are encouraged to engage in interactive sessions, fostering open discussions and Q&A opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of our vision and initiatives. The event will offer a platform for stakeholders to network and create valuable connections with our dedicated team and industry professionals, setting the stage for collaborative partnerships. An array of culinary delights will be available, representing the diverse and rich experiences that City Sightseeing and Sowetoo offer. These will serve as a reminder of the exciting journeys that await our passengers.

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