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Gauteng Tourism Authority is your home and destination of choice for visitors, business, and the best that Gauteng has to offer. If you’re a tourism operator, association, events organiser, tour guide, business entity, business facility, nature reserve, accommodations owner – whoever you are in bringing Destination Gauteng Together, we’re calling out to you! Submit your listing for any of the categories below.  

How to Upload
  • Click on the category most applicable to you.
  • Ensure to complete all steps in the form and upload the correct media.
  • If your submission is approved, it will appear on our website within 3 working days and categorised for its purpose.
Guidelines for Submitting Content

All content submitted to the Gauteng Tourism Authority is subject to review by the Gauteng Tourism Authority editorial team before publishing. The following guidelines are provided to help users prepare their submissions and understand the primary criteria used for publishing content on the Gauteng Tourism Website.

Guidelines for All Content Types (News, Events, Facilities etc.)

Language: Gauteng Tourism Authority publishes content in English. GTA does not translate content. If an organization has a piece of content in more than one language, it needs to be submitted separately in order to display in both/all languages.

Diversity of content: Gauteng Tourism Authority strives to present a diverse array of viewpoints, organizations and geographies within Gauteng.

Gauteng Tourism Authority editors review each submission to check that it meets or editorial guidelines. If a submitted item does not fit within our editorial scope, it will unfortunately not be published.

In the event we are alerted to any content which may be inappropriate, objectionable or fraudulent, we reserve the right to remove or edit it at any time and without prior notice.

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