Victoria Yards

Victoria Yards, an innovative architectural ecosystem in Johannesburg’s inner city, is a seamless blend of urban living, community upliftment, artisanal projects, skills incubation and retail opportunity.

Victoria Yards comprises artisanal studios, an urban farming practice that grows seasonal fruit and vegetables, a skills development wing, various art galleries and more.

The complex is the brainchild of visionary developer Brian Green, who, in 2017, remodelled derelict warehouses and industrial buildings built in 1913 to create the avant-garde inner-city cultural hub.

Green’s vision was to create an urban farm set-up and to attract local artists and artisans who would impart their skills within a development framework that could eventually be formalised.

Within the yards’ buildings are a number of galleries, a coffee roastery, art studios and a gin distillery. The space is currently inhabited by tenants that include artists, a furniture-maker, a photographer, a glass-blower, a metalworker, clothing designers, a sculptor, screen printers and other creatives who answered Green’s call.

Retaining some of its original structural and aesthetic elements such as bare brick walls and stonework lends Victoria Yards its unique repurposed look and affords a glimpse of its former life.

Artisanal studios are numerous at Victoria Yards.

Artisanal studios are numerous at Victoria Yards. (Image: Victoria Yards)


Physical Address 16 Viljoen Street, Lorentzville, Johannesburg
Phone Number +27 (0)76 558 1781