5th Annual Green Youth INDABA 2018

Since 2014, Green Youth Network and Tosaca Media Group have hosted 4 annual Indaba Summits, developing a network of over 10,000 young leaders from all over South Africa - Hosted by the CSIR, the 5th Annual green Youth Indaba will take place on 28 – 29 June 2018 at CSIR, Pretoria.

Over 700 young environmental leaders will gather together at one of the world’s biggest science centers for two days of discussions, workshops and networking to help generate solutions to the environmental challenges the world faces.

The country’s developmental reform has come a long way since the dawn of its democracy, the most notable aspect of which is embedment of green economy principles into this developmental trajectory. Support from the global community in general, and the United Nations (UN) in particular, significantly contributed to the evolution. In mid-2014, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) joined the UN-led global initiative on Partnership for Action on the Green Economy (PAGE) that was taken up in South Africa in March 2015. It involves the cooperation of five UN Agencies and spheres of national government The country has sought to promote a diverse and equitable economy, in line with UN’s green economy definition of:

An economy that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities (UNEP, 2011)


The objective of this year's Green Youth Indaba is to go beyond exploring opportunities for youth within the green economy but to effectively explore and unpack necessary strategies that can create an easy access to support and funding for green innovation and the skills transfer needed to eradicate youth unemployment and poverty.

The conference yearly is expected to bring together over 700 exceptional young people, specially selected by their universities, municipalities and organisation, based on the initiative these young people are doing to better our environment. These youth and industry experts will come across South Africa to discuss the most pressing Environmental issues and the green opportunities for youth within government, private sector and cities in South Africa.

Annually this this high impact Indaba examines the role of government, private sector ,and young people in the skilling and developing of the youth to increase economic growth through the green economy. Stakeholders attending the annual Indaba, whether from government; social organisations; private business or representative agencies, often find opportunities to partner and participate in the development of our societies and support of green initiatives and ideas. Invited political heads will deliver keynote addresses while green experts in the industry present progress of the green economy, government efforts, plans and opportunities available for youth.

This high impact of the two day   interactive Indaba is   a must-attend for environmental activist, agriculture students, green innovators and environmentalist  as it will offer access to the best local and international minds and thought leadership through its industry-focused content. This is the only event of its kind to deliver industry market youth focused intelligence in a compact two day format, combined with categorized and sector industry presentations on the latest Environmental advancements specifically focused to all that affects the youth.


  • Youth Employment: Opportunities and challenges posed by a transition to green economy
  • Capacity building for a greener future
  • Youth agriculture and food security
  • Waste management, recycling
  • Skills development: Necessary aid and skills needed to tap into the green economy
  • Water conservation, wetlands management
  • Institutional framework for sustainable development
  • Sustainable Tourism and Development
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy
  • Innovation and technology transfer
  • Forestry skills and jobs
  • Ocean Economy and Ocean protection
  • Rain forest and Deforestation
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • 4th Industrial Revolution and Technology advancement within the Green Economy Space.


The INDABA will feature speeches, Break-away Sessions and workshops at the CSIR. The event will connect hundreds of young leaders who are passionate about the environment in this unique research facility so that they can generate solutions-led ideas which result in tangible action. This powerful grouping will work together to change the ways companies and countries tackle and react to environmental challenges.


The Green Youth Indaba invites, African inventors, innovators, green entrepreneurs, green start-up companies, green small companies, Universities, Students and Science Councils, Technology Transfer Offices to showcase their Green Technology Businesses and green ideas at the Green Innovators Pitch, as part of the Green Youth Indaba Conference focusing on: “Green Innovations and Sustainable skills development for inclusive Growth also funding green start ups”

The Pitch’s main aim is to not only inspire SA Youth in promoting entrepreneurship in green business technology but also to give them exposure and access to green funders that will boost competitiveness and contribute significantly to the economic growth. The Pitch will focus on the (6) Key pillars:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Green Building
  • Waste Management
  • Recycling
  • Water Conservation and Water Demand Management
  • Sustainable Mobility and Responsible Tourism

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