Mandela centenary

The year 2018 marks what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday. To honour his centenary and the legacy he left the world – South Africans in particular – people are encouraged to engage with and reflect on the life and times of Mandela.

This year is also an opportune time to rekindle our common desire to do good and to help the less fortunate in practical ways, motivated by the legacy Mandela left to future generations.

We are encouraged to take the time to participate in Madiba-inspired activities throughout the year, and to visit the many Gauteng destinations that pay homage to an iconic and charismatic leader.

Whether it’s wearing a centenary shirt; introducing a foreign visitor to the Apartheid Museum; feeling the vibe of the Bassline Africa music festival at Constitution Hill; or taking part in a Mandela100 sports event, there are myriad ways of answering the call to “find the Madiba in you”.

Mandela set up the Nelson Mandela Foundation in 1999 after his presidential duties came to an end. He mandated the Foundation to continue to work towards social justice through memory and dialogue.

Centenary Drive

Under the umbrella “Be the Legacy”, the Nelson Mandela Foundation has identified four action areas that will be bolstered by supporting programmes and activities: eradicating poverty and inequality, dismantling structural racism, building institutions of democracy and broadening freedom of information.

The global message associated with these activities is to “find the Madiba in you”. The rationale is that people everywhere should never lose sight of our collective desire to do good, inspired by Mandela’s legacy.


In 2009, the Nelson Mandela International Day (Mandela Day) campaign became a global event that provides the world with a platform from which to honour Mandela by interpreting his legacy and helping to uplift local communities the world over.

A retail outlet at Gauteng’s OR Tambo International Airport is selling Mandela centenary merchandise to domestic and international travellers.

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