DISCOP Johannesburg 2019


  • 200+ BUYING COMPANIES | Linear television stations, cable / satellite pay-tv networks, telecoms and mobile operators, streaming platforms, airlines, major production companies.
  • 300+ INDEPENDENT PRODUCERS | Film, television and digital content production companies with finished content and works in progress.
  • 100+ GLOBAL & REGIONAL CONTENT DISTRIBUTORS | Suppliers of movies, television series, dramas, telenovelas, formats and adaptation rights, animation, children’s and educational content, documentaries, sports, news, live events, talks shows, etc.
  • 50+ PERIPHERAL COMPANIES | Advertising agencies, financiers, regulators, advisory firms, research consultancies, and governmental institutions.  

DISCOP Johannesburg primarily brings together content buyers, producers and distributors. The 3-day market and co-production forum specifically targets Sub-Saharan countries where English, Portuguese and Swahili are spoken as first or second language.

Open to all delegates, the DISCOPRO sidebar conference, development, pitching and screening program runs parallel to the 3-day market. The program is aligned with the needs of independent content producers looking for practical solutions, true opportunities and ready to connect with like-minded entertainment and media key players.

#1. Non-Exhibiting delegates are provided with personalized assistance:

  • Access to the list of confirmed delegates two months before the market;
  • Assistance in the organization of face-to-face meetings during the market;
  • Assistance in the organization of distance meetings before and after the market;
  • Access to communal tables in the 'B2B Lounge' for meeting location purposes. 

#2. Delegates registered as PRODUCERS | SELLERS have also access to these additional services:

  • Access to our database of TOP BUYING / PRODUCTION COMPANIES across the 49 countries under our watch in Sub-Saharan Africa one month after the market;
  • Access to the ‘What Buyers Want / Sub-Saharan Africa’ survey;
  • Up to five programs featured on the DISCOP CLUB interactive digital showroom for a one year-period.

#3. Delegates registered as BUYERS have also access to the following support:

  • Access to DISCOP CLUB screening privileges;
  • Access to 'personal shoppers' ready to help them reach out to right-holders.
  • Access to our database of TOP PRODUCTION COMPANIES across the 49 countries under our watch in Sub-Saharan Africa one month after each market.

The United Kingdom will be DISCOP Johannesburg 2019’s ‘Guest Country’ to honor the presence of British companies at the market.

It will also be an opportunity for U.K. and South African producers to build on an existing co-production treaty that covers both the film and television sectors.

You can send an email to info@discop.com for immediate assistance and more information about our exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities.

For more info and to register, click here.