Maropeng’s Stone Park

Maropeng’s Stone Park is, on the one hand, symbolic of humankind’s impact on nature, and on the other, a unique, new functional space created in the grounds of the Cradle of Humankind visitor centre.

A view over the park showing indigenous flowering shrubs.

A view over the park showing indigenous flowering shrubs. (Image: Maropeng)

Introducing the theme of human achievement, two massive granite stone tools make for an imposing sight at the entrance to the park, which is expected to become a popular multifunctional area in which visitors can mingle, relax and celebrate.

Its open design and semi-circular arrangement of large granite blocks lends the park to use as a venue for concerts, picnics, festivals or weddings, while bespoke lighting illuminates the granite curve at night, making it especially appealing for evening functions.

Designers FSG Landscaping appointed a team of 30 to work on the large-scale landscaping installation, which was envisioned to blend in with the surrounding landscape. Great care was taken to minimise disturbance of flora and fauna at this historically significant site. The park was completed in late 2017.

With conservation playing a guiding role in the project, plants that were removed have been replanted on the new site, along with new indigenous flora such as flowering shrubs.

Stone Park by night.

Stone Park by night. (Image: Maropeng)