Head – Destination Planning & Development: DPD/02/2023

The Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA) is an agency of the Gauteng Department of Economic Development whose mission is to develop, promote, coordinate and facilitate responsible and sustainable tourism in the Gauteng city region, and to create a world-class destination that attracts business visitors and all other tourists to the province. The GTA seeks to appoint suitable candidates with the relevant qualifications and experience for the following position.

(Reference Number: DPD/02/2023)
Cost to Company Package: R 1 209 353 per annum (all-inclusive), negotiable
Hay group Salary Scale Level 19

The Head of Destination Planning and Development will oversee the planning and development of destinations and ensure that all associated aspects of the infrastructure and activities related to the destination meet the required standards and add value and performance of the Gauteng Tourism Authority, and Destination Gauteng brands. The role is responsible to ensure that destination planning is integrated into the other planning processes of municipalities to ensure that the tourism sector is recognised.


Amongst others, the Head of Destination Planning & Development will be responsible for:

Provision of Strategic Leadership: Provide input into strategic planning, business plans, policies, and procedures. Provide strategic leadership to advance destination planning. and development in the organisation. Develop a strategy to highlight the natural, cultural, and other attractions that a municipality or region has in order to attract tourists and encourage their spending in the local economy. Identify and provide input in risk management. Benchmark the division practices and services against international best practices and standards.

Provision of Destination Planning, Products and Services: Conduct market analysis and identify destinations and areas requiring planning and development in line with tourism strategy and plans. Responsible for high level planning, developing and overseeing the implementation of destination planning strategies and goals (long term and short term). Align tourism destination development with local planning processes. Conduct feasibility studies to ensure that plans of action will produce anticipated results. Identify the needs and desires of tourists and develop actions to meet such needs. Ensure products and services in destinations are of high quality and standard. Provide creative and logistical support in the execution of destination planning and development initiatives. Contribute to the development of quality tourism experiences for stakeholders.

Infrastructure Management and Maintenance: Identify the assets of a region or area. Identify and lead specific projects for infrastructure management. Facilitate the definition of the project scope and delivery and develop comprehensive project plans to support the successful implementation of projects. Ensure that infrastructure and facilities are maintained and that products and services at destinations are up to standard. Manage related resources, suppliers and budget where applicable. Keep up to date with projects and contribute to providing solutions when changes/adjustments are

Stakeholder Engagement and Relationship Building: Develop and manage relationships with various stakeholders. Develop a brand partnership framework for destination management. Continuously network and source potential partnerships. In partnership with internal and external stakeholders,
evaluate and recommend destination planning and development initiatives that improve tourism for the province. Maintain regular communication with stakeholder to ensure continuity of relationships and the availability of potential sponsors and funders for projects. Participate in relevant platforms,
committees, bodies associated with the destination planning and development.

Monitoring and Reporting: Monitor and track progress of activities and projects and provide guidance/solutions when required. Compile reports and provide regular feedback and updates as requested. Conduct regular infrastructure audits and provide reports to management and stakeholders. Lead evaluation and assess results of completed projects to ensure ongoing success and sustainability.

Database Management: Oversee data collection and storage of key divisional information. Collaborate and provide input into the development of systems to store and manage data.

Comply with the PFMA, procurement and financial management policies and procedures for good corporate governance and to achieve unqualified audit results: Ensure compliance within the GTA with the various laws and agreements regulating Corporate Services and related matters. Oversee the appointment of service providers and management of Functional contracts in the GTA. Ensure compliance with PFMA procurement and financial management policies and procedures.

Manage human resources in line with GTA’ HR policies and procedures: Oversee and manage a team of employees in alignment with GTA People strategy. Recruit employees, assign and direct work, oversee their development, identify training needs and maintain staff competence. Allocate resources
to various projects as per identified needs. Draw-up, negotiate, agree and sign performance contracts with all direct reports. Establish and evaluate Key Performance Indicators. Conduct performance appraisals. Initiate appropriate Labour Relation action required within section. Uphold HR policies and


The Head of Destination Planning and Development calls for a highly skilled individual who has a minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s Degree or post-graduate diploma in Engineering, Planning, Development Studies or Tourism, with a minimum of 8 years total working experience, 3 years should be at managerial level in a planning and development (urban/rural), experience in government and private sector, tourism experience, knowledge of PFMA and other relevant national and provincial legislation.

Please forward detailed, updated CV accompanied by cover letter highlighting your relevant experience in relation to this position. GTA advocates for equal opportunities. Previously disadvantaged individuals and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Kindly note that full background checks will be done on successful candidates.

Suitable applicants must email their CVs to Mr. Baliwinile Kwankwa at hr2@gauteng.net by 10 April 2023 at 16:00

NOTE: Candidates not contacted within 30 days after the closing date must consider their applications unsuccessful.


Applicants must forward their detailed, updated CV’s accompanied by a cover letter highlighting relevant experience, and qualifications to an email address allocated to each post.
Applications received after the closing date of the 10 April 2023 at 16h00 shall not be considered.

GTA advocates for equal opportunities. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Kindly note that full background checks will be done on successful candidates. Candidates will also be required to undergo a competency assessment.

For any enquiries, please contact Mr B. Kwankwa at baliwinile@gauteng.net


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