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Gathering of the Musical Clan


Gathering of the Musical Clan is the new language of music. This event defies boarders and brings people and musicians together for the sole purpose of listening to good music.

This is not just a music event, it does not cater for music lovers only but creates a community through things people love, such as music, food, and beverages and allows people to learn more about themselves and create everlasting memories whilst doing so.

So why wouldn’t you want to speak “music” through the Gathering of the Musical Clan and be part of this musical event?

Ticket Prices
Phase 1 – R250
Phase 2 – R350
VIP – R500


Start Date


End Date

2023/02/25 00:00:00




Costa Alta Beach Bar, Stornoway Lodge, Laseria

Age Restriction


R250 - R500


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