Chief Financial Officer: CFO/06/2023

The Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA) is an agency of the Gauteng Department of Economic Development whose mission is to develop, promote, coordinate, and facilitate responsible and sustainable tourism in the Gauteng city region, and to create a world-class destination that attracts business visitors and all other tourists to the province. The GTA seeks to appoint suitable candidates with the relevant qualifications and experience for the following position.

5 years fixed term contract
(Reference Number: CFO/06/2023)
Total Cost to Company Package: R 1 714 316 per annum (all-inclusive), negotiable

Hay Group Salary Scale Level 21

GTA seeks to appoint a Chief Financial Officer who will lead, direct, and control the strategic financial direction of the GTA towards the achievement of its mandate; and to act and assume all responsibilities pursuant as the Head of Financial Management (CFO); and ensure, through strategic leadership and oversight, that the GTA fulfils its responsibilities and regulated accountabilities in terms of sound financial management and governance, legislation and regulations.


The Chief Financial Officer, will amongst others be responsible for:

Long Term Financial Planning and Proactively compile and manage GTA Budgets: Ensure strategic and prudent financial management leadership to the GTA, to strategically advise the CEO and Board and to oversee all fiscal and fiduciary responsibility for the GTA. Achieve benchmark standards in financial performance, including the enhancement of the financial control environment and implementation of all initiatives to enhance and facilitate proper management of systems. Provide leadership for continuous evaluation of short, medium & long-term financial objectives. Provide financial management and reporting services and guidelines to the organisation. Consolidate GTA budgets for approval of MTEF and contain operational expenditure. Implement internal audit recommendations.

Ensure an effective Financial Accounting and Reporting, Risk Management and Corporate Governance Services: Provide frameworks for financial administration and reporting, accounting, and control services. Develop relevant policies (accounting, practice notes, etc.). Safeguard and ensure the management of the company’s assets. Monitor the use of the company’s resources and suggest remedies to wasteful expenditure. Implement relevant accounting standards, adherence to the PFMA and Tax laws.

Ensure an effective Supply Chain Management Service in compliance with GTA priorities: Deliver procurement services to the organisation. Support national imperatives in relation to BEE and job creation. Responsible for policy development (Supply Chain, BEE). Ensure legislative compliance. Drive the development of alternative sourcing mechanisms. Source BEE/ SMME suppliers and monitor and report on procurement spent. Establish and maintain tender application and evaluation procedure.

Ensure effective Financial Compliance and Controls: Promote and ensure compliance with best practice Financial Management and Accounting standards, regulatory requirements, governance practices and audit requirements in all accounts, ledgers, and reporting systems and ensure the implementation of the prescripts of the PFMA. Ensure the maintenance of internal control safeguards, the co-ordination of all audit activities (Internal and External) and the implementation of all audit resolutions to achieve an unqualified audit.

Support the Development of Organisational Strategy, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting of Organisational Performance: Support the organisational planning, monitoring and evaluation and performance reporting cycles of the GTA in line with Provincial and National Cycle times. Develop annual office of the CFO business plan aligned to GTA Strategy. Conduct quarterly M&E sessions to track progress and take corrective action to contain operational expenditure.

Ensure an effective Asset Monitoring, Planning & Control: Oversee the appropriate management of the asset register. Develop an asset improvement plan. Ensure knowledge transfer and training of all Business Units.

Improved Stakeholder relationships: Develop an annual stakeholder relationship management plan. Establish and maintain local and international partnerships and networks with government, organizations, communities, and individuals around best practice issues and initiatives. Engage the Audit Committee, Board, CEO and other appropriate role players on issues, trends and changes in operating models and operational delivery. Establish annual objectives and selecting and engaging outside consultants and stakeholders (e.g., auditors, investment advisors). Manage outside lending and equity relationships, as well as relations with banks, investors, and shareholders within the investment community.

Improved Management Information: Ensure accurate, timely MANEX and CAPEX reports are available to all cost centre managers. Improve accuracy in line-item allocation. Automate financial processes to improve speed up availability of information.

Promote High Performance Culture within GTA: Ensure the alignment of Performance Agreements to overall organisational objectives. Drive regular performance reviews and development discussions with financial staff. Drive Performance Management practices which reflect policy intentions and is experienced in a positive manner.


The Chief Financial Officer post calls for a highly skilled individual who has a relevant B Comm. (Hons) or equivalent financial qualification. Registration as a professional Chartered Accountant is preferred. In depth knowledge of modern ERP, Financial and MIS systems and their strategic application within small to medium sized organisations. A proven track record of working as the Head of Finance with clean audits. A minimum of 8 years public sector experience and operating in a Senior Manager level, sound understanding of the Public Sector environment (at least 5 years in government departments or local government and 3 years in public entities).

Please forward detailed, updated CV accompanied by cover letter highlighting your relevant experience in relation to this position. GTA advocates for equal opportunities. Previously disadvantaged individuals and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Kindly note that full background checks will be done on successful candidates.

Suitable applicants must email their CVs to Mr Baliwinile Kwankwa at by 10 April 2023 at 16:00

NOTE: Candidates not contacted within 30 days after the closing date must consider their applications unsuccessful.



Applicants must forward their detailed, updated CV’s accompanied by a cover letter highlighting relevant experience, and qualifications to an email address allocated to each post.

Applications received after the closing date of the 10 April 2023 at 16h00 shall not be considered.

GTA advocates for equal opportunities. People with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Kindly note that full background checks will be done on successful candidates. Candidates will also be required to undergo a competency assessment.

For any enquiries please contact Mr B. Kwankwa at


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