What’s on in Gauteng: 14 to 20 December 2018

Spend these summer holidays taking the kids on amazing joy rides, and doing something fun with your neighbours. You can also attend a party hosted by music royalty if you are in Gauteng in the coming week.

Makhelwane Festival

14 to 16 December

Don’t miss the Makhelwane Festival in Poka Street, Orlando West, Soweto, from 14 to 16 December 2018.

This lifestyle event aims to reconnect neighbours and reignite the township culture and spirit of camaraderie, while promoting local small and medium-sized businesses. You can expect a heatwave of music performances, street-food markets, storytelling, movie screenings, art and craft, empowering conversations and so much more.

Tickets cost between R100 (early birds) and R250 (for a weekend pass).

Kasi Carnival Theme Park

15 and 16 December

It’s time for the Kasi Carnival Theme Park, setting up its fun rides in Mofolo Park, Soweto, Johannesburg, on 15 and 16 December 2018.

There’s lots of food and fun activities for you and your family to enjoy. Giant water slides and live performances by your favourite artists will be waiting for you if you buy your tickets today.

Black Coffee: Music is King

Black Coffee Music Is King
(Image: Ticketpro Dome)

15 December

Dance to the massive hits or nod to the deep cuts played by music maestro Black Coffee at Black Coffee: Music is King, taking place at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg on 15 December 2018.

This inaugural concert is set to make its debut in a big way. Party people will be treated to a good brew of top-quality sounds when one of the most sought-after music producers and DJs, Black Coffee, mixes together your favourite deep and rich tunes containing the creative caffeine that always gives music lovers more than just a rush. The show starts at 4pm.

Tickets cost between R265 and R375.


Until 16 December

Fill up the seats at the Eqhudeni stage production, on at the Market Theatre in Newtown, Johannesburg, until 16 December 2018.

This critically acclaimed production is a gripping musical drama of Zulu poetry recitals that is sure to mesmerise audiences, while addressing perturbing questions in need of urgent answers from society.

Tickets cost between R70 and R150. Curtains go up at 8.15pm.