Show us your hood: DJ Speedsta

Although he has achieved fame, DJ Speedsta keeps in touch with his roots and the city that made him who he is. Lesego Nkaiseng famed as DJ Speedsta or Speedy is a Hip Hop DJ born and raised in the Vaal Triangle. DJ Speedsta invited us to the Vaal to experience his hood, and tell us more about why he loves where he comes from.   

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DJ Speedsta

Luxury Accommodation

We met Speedy at the Bon Riviera on Vaal, where he stayed over after a long night of gigs in Johannesburg. Perfectly located by the Banks of the Vaal River, the Luxury Hotel is a haven for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city.

Gauteng Tourism: Why did you bring us to this hotel?

DJ Speedsta:Most people don’t know we have such beauty in the Vaal and I wanted you to see for yourself.

Bon  Riviera
Bon Riviera On Vaal

The Vaal River

We caught up with Lesego by the banks of the Vaal River, watching boats zoom by and waving to fans on the boat as they waved to win. The usually serious Speedy was more relaxed than ever, which made it easy for us to get him to talk about this area.

Gauteng Tourism: why are you so fond of this particular area?

DJ Speedsta:  “I grew up here, the river is part of our identity here in the Vaal. Just look at it - it’s  perfect, clean and so peaceful; there’s no beach in Joburg but just a short drive away and you have the pleasure of all this, water sports, fishing or just relaxing.”

DJ Speedsta relaxing by the Vaal River

Favourite Pass Time

With a cold beverage in hand, Speedy led us to the golf course. He was the first to admit that he is not a golfing enthusiast, but loves coming to the green for a few swings whenever he can. The Pro shop is located adjacent to the Bon Riviera Hotel; Speedy with a cheeky smile says “What could be more perfect than waking up in a luxury Hotel and within 1 minute you are on the green?”

Gauteng Tourism: Apart from golfing, what else do you enjoy doing in the Vaal?.

DJ Speedsta: I like water sports. I’ll go to the Emerald Resort and Casino where there’s a whole lot to do and see like bowling, movies, outdoor tennis courts, basketball and of course responsible gambling. 

Bon  Hotel  Riviera On  Vaal    Golf
The Golf Course at the Bon Riviera on Vaal

The People

We drove to the MidCorner Shisa Nyama located in Sebokeng Zone 14. As we arrived we knew why he brought us there, the aroma of meat and chakalaka filled the air and there were people with camp chairs joking and laughing. Speedsta, with a proud grin on his face, said ‘Welcome to my hood’.

Gauteng Tourism: We could have gone anywhere for a bite to eat, why did you choose to bring us here?

DJ Speedsta: {smiling} The food is amazing but it’s more than food here, look around.. the community is here, tourists are here. You can feel the community spirit here, everyone knows everyone, if they don’t know you they will welcome you and get to know you. I love the people of the Vaal.

DJ Speedsta mingling with his community

He was right. The food was indeed delicious and the people, genuinely welcoming. And we had lost count of how many people had stories for us about a young Speedsta.

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