Phantom of the Opera awakens the senses

It’s time to “close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams” at The Phantom of the Opera, currently on stage at Montecasino’s Teatro. Be transported to a dark and mysterious world filled with emotionally charged musical compositions, elaborate costumes and a dangerous obsession.

A romantic musical that has charmed millions of people across the globe, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s masterpiece is based on the novel Le Fantôme de l'Opéra by Gaston Leroux that was published in 1918.

The story is set in the 1880s and tells of a mysterious phantom that lurks beneath the Paris Opera House. The phantom is obsessed with a young soprano singer, Christine Daaé.

The phantom is desperate to have Christine in his clutches and lures her to his lair with the promise of taking her on as his protégé. But Christine is in love with another.

As the production reaches its climax, you can’t help but be transfixed by the musical score, which includes the popular The Music of the Night, The Phantom of the Opera, Masquerade and All I ask of you.

It will probably be with heavy heart that you leave the theatre when the production comes to an end, and you have to say goodbye to the phantom and Christine. But at least you can leave with the knowledge that you have until 3 June to recapture the magic at the Teatro at Montecasino.

Jonathan Roxmouth is South Africa’s phantom. Having played key roles in local productions of Grease, Amadeus, The Buddy Holly Story and Lion King, Roxmouth is an excellent casting choice. He is flanked by Christine, who is played by both Robin Botha and Magdalene Minaar, two local songbirds who set the stage on fire.

Tickets, ranging between R125 and R425, are available at Computicket.

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The Phantom of the Opera. Image (c) <a href='WikiFantome -'>WikiFantome</a>

The Phantom of the Opera. Image (c) WikiFantome