Johannesburg ranked 2nd most inspiring city in the world

The city of Gold has been named the second most inspiring city in the world in the 2014 GOOD City Index, which is a celebration of the 50 cities from around the world that best capture the elusive quality of possibility.

Adding another international accolade to its already impressive trophy case, Johannesburg once again is amongst the top cities in the world. The GOOD city index is put together by the American based GOOD Magazine and rates cities according to their sense of possibility.

“At GOOD, we believe that a city’s heartbeat is best measured in “possibility” – the pervading sense that a place may be far from perfect, its citizens are taking a bold state in is future through mixture of creativity, hustle, and civic engagement.” GOOD Magazine

Hong Kong was first on the list, Johannesburg second ahead of Mexico City, Dehli, Nairobi, Istanbul, New Orleans, Budapest, Dakar and Beirut in the top 10.

What makes Johannesburg so inspirational?

A large part of the credit has to be given to the urban regeneration projects that have signalled a shifting mind set within the people of Jozi, the rejuvenation of places such as Braamfontein and Maboneng into a buzzing urban metropolis and the introduction of rooftop hangout spots has revitalised these neighbourhoods.

The introduction of regular markets and social venues such as the Neighbourgoods Market, Arts on Main and Locrate Market where Joburgers from all parts of the city gather and enjoy good music, food and fashion have brought a new, vitalised vibe that has indeed created a sense of possibility.

Another element that resonates amongst most Joburgers is the freedom of expression, which is characterised through the street art scattered all other the city. Graffiti, which was once considered Taboo all over the world, has been embraced by the city of Johannesburg and there are now even tours of the city that highlight the growing urban graffiti culture.

Graffiti In  Newtown
Graffiti in Newtown image courtesy of

The city might be far from perfect; however there are clear steps to improve the city, because after all the awards, concerts and celebrations, the city is inspiring generations.

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