Human Rights Festival 2019 at Constitution Hill

Human Rights Fest 1
A girl wearing a shirt bearing "Keep the promise to women"

Over the past weekend the 2nd edition of the annual Human Rights Festival was held at the Constitution Hill. The festival not only celebrates our progressive constitution but serves as a platform to gain insight and information through film, art exhibitions and discussion forums about the challenges society still faces today.

To this day people’s rights are disregarded due to the colour of their skin, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity. 

The Thami Dish Foundation is one of many organizations supporting LGBTI individuals and seeks to contribute to a future where sexual diversity is fully understood and embraced. 

“Protecting LGBT people from violence and discrimination does not require the creation of a new set of LGBT specific rights. It requires honoring the existing rights first because we’re all human, secondly educating people on accepting every person as they are irrespective of their sexual orientation or identity, and lastly making people realize that just because someone doesn’t identify as you do that doesn’t make them less of a human or less deserving of having their rights respected."

Human Rights Fest 2
Artist: Vusi Mbulali Title: The world is watching

To kick things off a “We the people walk” took place covering 5km and 8km routes. For the music lovers we enjoyed performances from an array of talented South African locals who not only got us moving and grooving but used their words to remind us to #StandUp4HumanRights. The kiddies Corner was abuzz with an innocent and pure energy from the children who performed and I think it is vital that we continue educating them about their human rights.


This was an inspiring event and an eye opener on how we as a country could do better because as Vusi Mbulali’s painting has so cleverly illustrated, the world is watching.