An art affair in and around Rosebank

With galleries such as Everard Read, Circa and SMAC, it’s no surprise that the Keyes Art Mile is the go-to place for art lovers around Rosebank. But if you look around a bit, there are other gems in this trendy metropolitan suburb that will make you fall in love with art ... if you haven’t already.

Goodman Gallery

The Goodman Gallery misses the Keyes Art Mile by a few hundred metres. You could even walk there after your visit to the popular attraction. The Goodman Gallery is on the corner of Jan Smuts Avenue and Bolton Road, and the design of the building makes it hard to miss when you’re travelling along Jan Smuts. It is one of the more exciting galleries in town, with In Context: Africans in America being a recent exhibition.

Kim Sacks Gallery

Variety is the word at the Kim Sacks Gallery, which not only exhibits fine artwork, but also has a school of ceramics on the premises. Works are not limited to contemporary art, with a Tribal Gallery, vessels and different types of crafts on offer. The gallery is just down the road from the Goodman Gallery, too.

David Krut Projects

This branch is one of three, with others in Cape Town and New York. Also situated along Jan Smuts Avenue, David Krut Projects (DKP) is more than a gallery – it's an establishment focused on collaborations and helping independent artists make their mark in the art world. The project has outreach and literacy programmes in the community as well. Right next to DKP, you can also find Maker Studio and Res Gallery, with Gallery 2 just a few shops over.

Gallery MOMO

Established in 2002, Gallery MOMO on 7th Avenue in Parktown North is a mainstay in the area, and the contemporary art on offer is world-class. Top local and international artist exhibitions are a regular feature at the gallery. There is also a residency programme, which nurtures up-and-coming talent.

(Image: Gallery MOMO)

Chérie De Villiers Fine Art Gallery

Chérie De Villiers Fine Art Gallery has officially been around for decades now – it was opened in 1993. The gallery boasts top fine art pieces and bronze sculptures from local artists. You can see some of these works on the website, which is updated regularly.

Rosebank and its surrounds are heaven for art lovers and you will not be disappointed if you visit. See if you can find other hidden gems in the area, too.