A night of dinner, dance and delight

By 8 o'clock in the evening on Friday night I begin to prepare myself for a night out on the town. This evening’s destination is Montecasino situated in Fourways, at the corner of William Nicol Drive and Witkoppen Road. Monte’s won numerous awards for being a top notch entertainment complex, so I know I’m destined for an evening of dinner, dance and class.

I arrive at the hot and happening venue just in time to join friends and fellow revellers in the downstairs casino complex. While the lights flash and the cocktails flow, I try my hand at the slot machines. Sadly, Lady Luck isn’t on my side tonight.

I opt to end my gambling streak and instead become a casual observer, moving across to the poker tables and roulette suites. There are 14 cashier stations in total – each one of them is manned by a professional croupier. Tonight it seems that everyone is intent on wining from the house. Seasoned gamblers crouch over their hands while beautiful women swan around the tables.

I decide to move away from the casino area and signal to my friends that I’m going to find a central spot where we can sit and have a drink or two and catch up. I spot @Monte, a wine bar and restaurant, and decide to ask for a table. The highlight of this venue is the wine list– customers can choose from up to 56 different bottles at any one time.

We enjoy some light snacks and a few glasses of delicious wine, and then it’s time to head off in search of a place we can dance. As we walk toward Parker's Comedy and Jive – Montecasino’s permanent stand-up comedy club – we see the glass mirror doors to Café Vacca Matta on the right-hand side, manned by a rather large bouncer.

Life is beautiful! Photo courtesy <a href='http://www.flickr.com/photos/taige/4514412917/'>taige2007</a>

Life is beautiful! Photo courtesy taige2007

Unable to resist the pull of the music, we pay the cover charge and walk into the stylish club.
Single gentlemen dressed to the nines hang out in the bar area with their mates, while women dressed in high heels and miniskirts flirt with them from afar. Thankfully, as the music got louder and the clientele started to dance, more mingling started to happen.

I danced with the crowd, laughing with friends, and enjoyed the freedom of a night out in Johannesburg.

Whether at the end of the night or at the beginning of an early morning, Montecasino is sure to keep you entertained.

Cafe Vacca Matta! Photo courtesy <a href='http://www.flickr.com/photos/francapicc/515846705/'>Jespahjoy</a>

Cafe Vacca Matta! Photo courtesy Jespahjoy