#72hrsSoweto: Video by Natalie Roos


Blogger Natalie Roos and some fellow Instagrammers and bloggers spent 72 hours experiencing Soweto during the Soweto Wine Festival and came away with a love and appreciation for this unique place – its tastes, sights, sounds, culture and people.

From taking a cycle tour through Soweto's streets to jamming with local musos and feasting on shisa nyama while enjoying a few glasses of wine, Soweto has an energetic, almost celebratory vibe about it.

It's a city steeped in South African history and evidence of  our volatile past can be seen everywhere – in it's architecture, the city's museums and street art and even at Regina Mundi Church where bulletholes from the 1976 June 16 shootings tell the story of Soweto's part in South Africa's fight for freedom.

The Soweto Wine Festival offered the perfect platform to showcase Soweto's many attractions. Over recent years, growing interest in this city of contrasts has given rise to increasing tourism opportunities.

Soweto has something for everyone.

Looking to party ghetto style? There are plenty of spots around Soweto to relax and enjoy, with shebeens catering to locals and tourists alike.

Looking for something with a little more finess? Upmarket eateries offer fine dining. But you can also enjoy the local shisa nyama-style meal and other local dishes with a glass of wine in a swanky sit-down restaurant.

If adventure's what you're after, then there's plenty of options. Adrenaline junkies can take a leap off Orlando Towers'  bungy bridge.

For something tamer, take a cycle tour through the township. For the those who are sporty, there are full day tours available. Or if you just want a leisurely tour to take in the sights and art, opt for a shorter cycle tour. There are also taxi and bus tours.

If history's your thing, then visit Nelson Mandela's home and take a tour of the museum in Vilakazi Street in Orlando West.

Or experience an explosion of entertainment at Walter Sisulu Square in the heart of Kliptown. Here you'll find the Kliptown Open Air Museum, the upmarket Soweto Hotel, a flea market and so much more. It really is a hub of activity.

One thing about Soweto, there's always music – with so many influences it has developed a truly unique sound and plenty of places that offer a platform for talented artists and musicians.

Chances are once you've visited Soweto, you'll be back for more and with this ever-evolving city there's definitely a new experience just waiting around the corner.