Stukkies & Stokkies boutique venue

Stukkies & Stokkies is a marvellous wedding venue situated on the banks of the Blesbokspruit in Heidelberg, Gauteng. Set on the waterfront, its views give it its wow factor.

This stunning spot is made even more special by the willows that create a magical atmosphere for a romantic union.

The lush gardens of this breathtaking site provides visitors with plenty of colourful scope for photography to create everlasting memories. It is lovely during the day and charming at night when the bonfires and fairy lights in the trees illuminate the area with a glimmering beauty.

Stukkies & Stokkies accommodates only one wedding a day, so bridal couples have the space exclusively on their special day. The venue can also comfortably host other big events such as conferences and birthday parties, with guest lists up to 80. Clients can choose design concepts and themes that suit their personal taste.