Sophiatown Bar Lounge

If you’re looking for a place to sit back and relax with African chic then Sophiatown bar lounge is the place to be. A culturally-themed bar lounge based around the good old days of Sophiatown and classical jazz. Sophiatown bar lounge is full of energy while maintaining high standards. Roll into this large restaurant with a group of friends and an appetite. It’s loud and vibey with no pretensions. Seating is inside the bar area or outside, with temporary tent flaps dropped in case of rain or cold. Food is simply South African, nothing extravagant, with presentation elevated to suit a chic restaurant environment. Service is very good and staff well informed. The decor is a more contemporary bar/restaurant effect with eclectic cottage-like in some places and Sandton-chic in others. So sit back and relax in Afro-chic style with some foot-tapping action and meals to please both pocket and palates.


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