Newtown Cultural Precinct

Museum Africa in Newtown

Museum Africa in Newtown (Image: nvexpit on Instagram)

The Newtown Cultural Precinct has become the new buzz area to visit. Previously rundown, the Johannesburg Metropolitan put a fantastic programme in place (Igoli 2000) resulting in huge improvements and revival. 

The Newtown cultural precinct is home to three theatres, two art galleries and a flea market on Saturday mornings. The Market Theatre, situated in the centre of the precinct, is a phenomenal theatre hosting some of the most renowned plays and shows in the country. It also holds rich history and was central to the fight against apartheid in its commitment to being a non-racial theatre.

The main feature of Newtown’s central point, Mary Fitzgerald Square, is the massive Victorian building, housing both the Market Theatre and MuseumAfrica. Both educate patrons in the freedom struggle of South Africa: the museum with its exhibits and the theatre which hosted many protest theatre performances. Many great names have performed here. 

Other spots of interest are Horror Café (street poetry and music), Songwriter’s Club, and Carfax. South African Breweries offers beer tours from Tuesdays through to Saturdays. 

This is South Africa with a brand new face, exciting with wonderful opportunities to be enjoyed and cultural diversity that works together.