Ditsong National Cultural History Museum

Learn more about South Africa’s cultural diversity by viewing a range of permanent and temporary exhibits at the national cultural history museum. Exhibits include San engraving and rock painting as well as one-thousand-year-old Iron Age figurines from Schroda in Limpopo.

These artefacts have been referred to as “the best known artefacts indicating ritual behaviour in the early Iron Age”. The art gallery includes sculptures and paintings and an exhibition on Marabastad. It is located on Visagie Street in the Old South African Mint which has since moved to Midrand. The museum, also known as the African Window, is the centre for living culture and houses a highly intriguing collection.

The National Cultural History Museum has as its aim to promote living culture through song, dance, drama and visual arts festivals, and to celebrate all South Africans’ heritage through permanent and temporary exhibitions. 

The Museum sits behind the Pretoria City Hall, in the Pretoria CBD. There is a Gautrain bus drop-off point at the entrance to the museum.

Visiting hours

Monday to Friday: 8am to 4pm (Closed on Christmas Day and Good Friday)

Admission fees

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