Khuwana Tavern

The name ‘Khuwana’ translates from the African name for a beer pot. After that this tavern is South Africa’s biggest beer outlet north of Pretoria, we paid a visit and discovered that the food is as much of a drawcard.

Mozambican farmer Wilson Vuma has put a new spin on what people would once have classified as a shebeen. The entrepreneur made a choice to be the first to turn a shebeen into a classy establishment amid a sprawl of informal settlements.

Vuma said that shebeens used to be seen as lowbrow venues, appealing to the poorer clientele, but he has turned this concept on its head. Vuma’s cousin has provided 3D murals to beautify the Mandela Village settlement where the pub is located. 

Khuwana Tavern is open on Christmas Day and recommend their Mozambican peri-peri chicken cooked over an open flame. Gather a big group of people, spend the day unwinding and learn gumboot dancing.

A fun fact is that Khuwana Tavern claims to sell more beer than any other pub in the country. 

  • For admission and visiting hours please contact the tavern direct