Hatfield is classified as the hub of all nightlife activities in Pretoria. The large student population is the main reason that the buzz is always on a high. Whether having a cup of coffee, shopping for an outfit, or eating out with family at a restaurant, Hatfield gives off a positive atmosphere. Venues like Tings an’ Times can take the public into a Rastafarian vibe, while Stones has been offering the same affordable specials on different days of the week. Zanzu Night Club and Lounge steers away from the relaxation, opening dance floors to move your feet all night long. DJ’s in Hatfield have no time to rest, as the public ear depends on the beats to move their feet, especially at a venue like eKhaya Club and Lounge, from Thursday to Sunday. Hatfield is a proud supporter of the Blue Bulls rugby team, showing all games at The Springbok Bar.


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