Freedom Park

Freedom Park, Salvokop, Pretoria

Freedom Park, Salvokop, Pretoria

Freedom Park is a 52ha heritage precinct located in Salvokop, Tshwane (Pretoria) and is one of many historical attractions in Gauteng.

It is a site of remembrance where South Africa honours those who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for a free and democratic South Africa and pays tribute to all the deserving South Africans who played a meaningful role in shaping this nation. Although no remains are kept at Freedom Park, it is full of symbolic monuments and landscaped gardens that represent the heroes of South Africa’s past struggles.

The most striking monument is the 697 metre long Wall of Names. There is space for 136 000 names on the wall and since 2007 the names of 75 000 South Africans who lost their lives in the fight for freedom have been inscribed on the wall.

Wall of names

Wall of names (Image: Portfolio Collection)

The Garden of Remembrance is a tranquil space for reflection and prayer, filled with a symbolic collection of monuments, statues and sculptures. Construction of the garden began in July 2003 and it was completed in March 2004, marking the first decade of democracy in South Africa.

Also found within Freedom Park is the Hapo Museum, whose name is derived from the Khoi word for ‘dream’. The museum tells the story of Africa and South Africa over seven epochs of history – Earth, Ancestors, Peopling, Resistance and Colonisation, Industrialisation and Urbanisation, Nationalism and Struggle, National Building and Continent Building. The Hapo Museum also invites visitors to contemplate the great philosophical questions of life such as, "Who am I and why am I here?" and "What comes before and after death?".

If you're looking for things to do in Gauteng, tours of the park can be organised directly at Freedom Park and guides lead visitors on a journey of remembrance, reconciliation and self-discovery. Maps are also available at the entrance for visitors to take themselves on a self-guided tour.

Opening times

8am to 5pm

Admission prices

Prices vary for students, pensioners and children, and depend on which sections of the park you intend visiting. 

Please call the park on +27 (0)12 336 4144 or email to obtain costs applicable to you.


Physical Address Salvokop, off Potgieter Street, Pretoria Pretoria
Phone Number +27 (0)12 336 4000 or 0800 470 740