Shisa Nyama, Midrand

Shisa Nyama meal. Photo courtesy The Python

Shisa Nyama, which literally means “burn the meat” in isiZulu, is a buy-and-barbecue concept that started in South Africa’s townships and has taken off among Johannesburg’s middle class. On Sundays, local butcheries spill out of their shops, grilling meat on an open fire to your specifications.

What started off as a way for township butcheries to increase their weekend sales has grown in popularity, becoming a place where people go to relax and socialise. To the grilled offerings were added informal bars, music performances and car washes, catering to those who wanted to while away the afternoon.

As a favourite hangout spot for up-and-coming professionals and South Africa’s emerging middle class, these sites are quickly becoming large networking sessions where business deals are sometimes brokered.

The Shisa Nyama spot in Midrand lets you bring in your own drinks before midday on Sundays, so fill your cooler box with your favourite drink and spend your Sunday eating, drinking and relaxing to the latest house music beats.


Free, although a meal will cost as little as R50

Visiting hours:

Sunday afternoons are the best time to visit


Next to Boulders Shopping Centre, just off Old Pretoria Road